Love You More: Pilot – Review

Love You More premieres on Amazon Prime on November 10.

From the moment the first episode of Love You More begins, it’s clear the half hour will be a showcase for its star, Bridget Everett. Everett has been in the comedy scene for awhile, but this is her first starring role. One thing is for sure: Everett’s humor isn’t for everyone.

Love You More follows Karen Best (Everett) who has a big personality and a big love of Chardonnay, which occasionally, causes her to make some big mistakes with men. Karen thrives as a counselor at an independent living residence for young folks with Down syndrome, a profession that triggers a musical alter-ego of sorts, highly proficient in song and dance.

The problem with this pilot is that it pitches the viewer three separate shows, each very distinct. One is Karen’s reckless personal life, not unlike the other complex female-driven shows on TV (SMILF, Girls, etc.). The second is Karen’s day job, where she cares for Down syndrome people with love, completely clashing with everything we know about the way she lives privately (but I suppose that’s the point). The third slice of this comedy is an absurd, extended song and dance number about women of all sizes.

Individually, each of these ideas could work very well, but they don’t mix. Combined, Love You More feels like a highlight reel of Bridget Everett’s talents. The show is funny, but to justify a full season order the creators need to commit to a format.

I give Love You More‘s pilot a B.

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