AMC Visionaries: Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics – Opinion

AMC Visionaries: Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics premieres November 12th, 11pm on AMC. Its regular timeslot is Mondays at 10pm.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman really, really loves comic books. “My love for the world of comics knows no bounds. It’s a universe of amazing stories that has been driving pop culture as a whole for decades,” he says. “Being able to explore the nooks and crannies of this world has allowed me to find out secrets even I didn’t know. It’s been a pleasure putting this series together and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to finally share it with the world.”

Kirkman is referring to his new six-part documentary series that examines the stories, events, and people that defined and helped evolve the comic book industry into the mega-popular entity it is today.

Each hour long episode of Secret History of Comics delves into a different subject in that world. Besides for the regular narration, the show also features interviews with legends like Stan Lee, Patty Jenkins, Lynda Carter, Kevin Smith, Famke Janssen, J.K. Simmons, Michelle Rodriguez, and Todd McFarlane.

The topics explored range from the legal battle over the rights to Superman and character diversity to the early days of Marvel and how the industry responded to 9/11. Even non-superhero fans will find something to keep them interested.