There’s… Johnny!: Season 1 – Review

The full seven episode season of There’s… Johnny! premieres November 16th on Hulu.

The first episode of There’s… Johnny! is more of a proof of concept than anything else. The characters are extremely one-dimensional. The jokes are practically non-existent. It’s a dreadful pilot. As the show goes on, the quality does improve a little, but not enough to stick with the season.

There’s… Johnny! takes place in the early 1970s and follows Andy Kelvin, a small-town kid from Nebraska who lands a job at The Tonight Show working for Johnny Carson. TV shows about the Hollywood industry are typically great, and this one has a lot going for it as it incorporates real people into the story. Unfortunately, the only interesting aspect of Johnny! is the fabulous recreation of the old Tonight Show set.

Andy makes a very bland protagonist. He is boring with no special qualities. In fact, most of the characters are average to a fault. Andy’s love interest Joy is one of the worst supporting characters I’ve ever seen. Since the comedy almost always falls flat, There’s… Johnny! could have used a more compelling story to redeem itself.

Ultimately, the show does capture the awe many feel towards celebrities and entertainment. The episodes feel like a love letter to the NBC’s glory days, and that’s admirable. There’s… Johnny! gets points for sentiment, but not much else.

I give There’s… Johnny! a C.



4 thoughts on “There’s… Johnny!: Season 1 – Review

  1. I think the casting and production are spot on for a light hearted spoof w roots on reality. A shallow male ingenue is just right. Jaded joke writers w bad jokes are good satire. The work-in-and-around the real Carson show and Johnny himself are adroitly woven, no mean feat. Mainly, I think the tone just right and the story, while stretching credulity to the breaking point, forces attention, gets some yucks, however belligerent, and leaves me wanting more. Sort of like peanut brittle.

  2. I heard about this show on The Carson Podcast and thought it was a movie so was in no hurry to watch but wish I had sooner to give some support. Of all the times I have heard it mentioned talking to people who actually worked on the show none of them said anything bad about it or when Mark mentioned an incident that was portrayed. Two weeks ago I commented I never binge watch anything and this is the second week I have done it. This is the first thing that would cause me to subscribe to Hulu. There is room for solid shows in lineups on TV and the streamers and rarely is a hit show or a fan favorite figured out in it’s first season and I don’t think the weakness or problems with this show are enough to offset it becoming one.

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