Drunk History Christmas Special – Opinion

The Drunk History Christmas Special airs Tuesday, November 28th 10pm on Comedy Central.

Although Christmas is still almost a month away, Comedy Central is licking off its holiday programming tonight with a special Christmas-themed episode of Drunk History, followed by an extended President Show later this week. Everyone loves getting into the seasonal spirit, and there’s something heartwarming about seeing your favorite shows embrace that.

The Drunk History Christmas Special doesn’t differ at all from a regular installment of the program. People get drunk and explain historical events, and celebrities later act out the inebriated tales. All the stories in the special are Christmas themed, obviously. The first is George Washington crossing the Delaware River on Christmas Day. The second section is a look at Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The third and final scenes are about Teddy Roosevelt’s ban on Christmas trees in the White House.

The featured actors in the special include Rob Corddry, Colin Hanks, Ken Marino and Chris Witaske. While not the most star-studded event – especially compared to the average Drunk History episode – all the players are game for anything and that’s what counts. It helps that Corddry and Marino have an experienced comedy background.

Drunk History completed its fourth season almost a year ago, with a fifth season still in development. This special should help keep fans excited for more and perhaps introduce more viewers to the show’s unique format.

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