Encore! – Opinion

The first Encore! special premieres December 10th, 10pm on ABC.

We don’t often see original ideas make it to television nowadays, so I’m happy to write about ABC’s new musical special Encore!. Basically, Kristen Bell reunites the cast of an old high school musical production and asks them to perform it again twenty years later. Each former student reprises their role from their original play, except this time they have real Broadway directors, choreographers, and voice coaches helping them out.

Encore! features Stephen Sondheim’s Tony-winning musical Into the Woods. It’s a great choice because the show is family friendly with a lot of memorable songs. Hopefully ABC decides to do this kind of event again, and we’ll get to see other amateur productions grace our screens.

If you are currently in a high school theater club, definitely mark your calendar and make sure you watch this. The hour will show you that the bonds you are making will last forever. And if you were in a school play, you might see yourself among the insurance salesman, the pregnant woman, and the rest of the classmates.