Jason Bishop: Believe in Magic

Jason Bishop is performing at the New Victory Theater through December 30th.

Last week, TV and City had the opportunity to check out Jason Bishop: Believe in Magic in the New Victory Theater. We were delighted by the family friendly show.

Here’s our ten year old reporter Keli’s review:

“Jason Bishop’s magic will amaze you. If you’re not a believer of magic you will be after watching his show. His tricks were crazy! He had close-up magic, family-friendly magic, holiday-themed magic, and even dog magic. Some kids were chosen to come on stage to help him with his tricks. Go to the show and he might even pick you!

Some cool tricks included Jason Bishop levitating his assistant, making her disappear, and he somehow made “1 million dollars” disappear from a locked box. My favorite trick was when he was supposed to make a dog appear, out of nowhere popped out his assistant. It was so cool. Everyone was co confused. It was crazy. I mean like, how did he do that?”

For tickets and more information, click here.