Gift Guide 2017: JAKKS Pacific

Looking for the perfect gift for a young Star Wars fan? Searching for a great present for a Disney Princess enthusiast? Want a holiday treat for your little gamer? JAKKS Pacific is one of the industry leaders in branded toys, meaning their products are officially licensed from your favorite franchises.

JAKKS was nice enough to send over some samples to TV and City. Here were our three favorite products:

3) Large Disney Princess Dolls (SRP: $35)

20171216_215612.jpgThese 14-inch dolls are sure to delight any fan. JAAKS recently added Mulan and Pocahontas to their collection, and they couldn’t look better. The arms are moveable and the costumes are very well done. This line is definitely a step up from the average Disney Princess product, hence the expensive price.

2) Star Wars and Justice League BIG-FIGS (SRP: $20)

20171216_215644.jpgThese huge 20-inch figures will make any superhero and Jedi fan happy, and can even delight older consumers as a cool prop for a bookcase. The BIG-FIGS line includes the entire Justice League movie lineup, as well as characters from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Each figure has at least seven points of articulation, so you can create the perfect pose.

1) Splatoon: Splattershot Blaster (SRP: $30)

Capitalizing on the immense popularity of Nintendo’s Splatoon video game franchise, JAKKS Pacific has released a line of blasters that fire water based compound that looks just like the colored ink from the game. (Without the mess of course!)

The Splattershot Blaster that we received worked well, shooting the “ink” almost 30 feet away. Each Splattershot Blaster includes two liquid canisters, good for up to 100 shots (50 shots each). It also comes with a pair of Inkling Goggles. This product is sure to delight kids who are obessesed with the world of Nintendo.