NFL Football Fanatic – Opinion

NFL Football Fanatic premieres with back-to-back episodes on January 1st, 11pm on USA Network.

The eight episode Football Fanatic follows Scottish-born Darren McMullen as he embarks on a journey across America to delve deep into the culture of the National Football League and find a team to call his own. McMullen achieved minor fame on The Voice Australia, but is truly clueless about American football, leading to many comedic moments.

Each episode, Darren visits a different American city to learn about the unique take they have on football fandom, with real “super-fans” as his guides. (As expected, the Green Bay Packers episode does not disappoint.) He explores all aspects of NFL traditions and experiences, with behind-the scenes access to players, coaches, and other iconic football figures during team practices and pre-game warmups.

USA seems to burning off the episodes by airing them all in just four weeks, but at the end of the season, Darren will finally choose his team. No spoilers! Casual fans who want to appreciate the game in a whole new way should tune in to NFL Football Fanatic.