Somebody Feed Phil: Part 1 – Opinion

Somebody Feed Phil’s first six episodes are now streaming on Netflix.

Philip Rosenthal is the creator of the now-classic sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. Now, the famous producer is bringing his infectious grin to a new food and travel series made for Netflix. Phil travels to six different countries to try local cuisines and experience culinary practices. Each episode has a few segments where Rosenthal explores tourist attractions as well, but the main focus is always on the dishes. Did the title give that away?

Phil Rosenthal really does represent the classic bumbling American tourist. He’s not an expert like Anthony Bourdain. At the same time, he truly wants to learn about other cultures (and eat, of course). Somebody Feed Phil stands out from the pack because of Rosenthal’s genuine enthusiasm. He’s just always happy!

Do yourself a favor and make time to visit Bangkok, Saigon, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, New Orleans, and Mexico City from the comfort of your couch. Perhaps this charming series will even inspire you to travel around the globe.