Step Sisters (2018) – Review

Step Sisters is now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix releases a lot of content, and they can’t all be gems. For every Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why, there are countless failures like Adam Sandler films and Disjointed. In terms of movies, the streaming service has provided great ones like First They Killed My Father and Okja, but along comes this week’s Step Sisters to remind us to keep expectations low.

In her senior year of college, Jamilah has the rest of her life planned out with her boyfriend and nearing a spot at Harvard Law. When the local sorority, Sigma Sigma Beta, needs help rebuilding their image, Jamilah is given the chance to the girls how to dance in exchange for a glowing recommendation letter. Think Pitch Perfect or Bring It On, but without any of the charm or funny jokes. Viewers know exactly how the story will go – it’s riddled with clichés.

I had hoped the choreography would be the one saving grace of Step Sisters, but alas there wasn’t much of it. If you’re still interested in watching the movie, maybe just leave it on in the background?

I give Step Sisters a D.