The Open House (2018) – Review

The Open House is now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix releases a lot of content, and they can’t all be gems. For every Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why, there are countless failures like Adam Sandler films and Disjointed. In terms of movies, the streaming service has provided great ones like First They Killed My Father and Okja, but along comes this week’s foray into horror – The Open House – to remind us to keep expectations low.

Dylan Minnette plays Logan, who temporarily moves into a creepy house with his mother. See where this is going? The house is in the middle of nowhere. The basement is completely submerged in darkness. The villagers in the town act strangely. Yup, this is the most cliché horror movie I’ve ever seen.

What’s not cliché though, is how vague the mystery is. Viewers will be left feeling unsatisfied with the resolution, and there’s a lot that goes unexplained. In fact, the ending leaves The Open House open for a sequel, which unfortunately doesn’t seem like a stretch, seeing as how Netflix is making a second Bright.

Decent performances and a short runtime make The Open House watchable. It’s a shame how boring the story is, and quite frankly even the horror elements, like jump scares, don’t work well.

I give The Open House a D+.



24 thoughts on “The Open House (2018) – Review

  1. WTAF did I just watch. The beginning was so bloody good but shiiit just went left. Explain the ending please, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. I’m here trying to figure out who the murderer is but they didn’t help I’m only stuck with the guy that fixed their water thing. Disappointed with a big D

    1. Its not that there was no ending or the ending was overly complicated. The writers were simply lazy and opted for nothing more than a “spooky, beware of open houses” plot type. They didnt want you to know the killer because the killer “can be anyone”. His identity was deemed unimportant. Furthermore, All the other strange and interesting thing that may have redeemed this garbage turned out to be fluff and distraction. Lazy, incoherent movies like this never work. And, honestly, im getting sick of the horror movie bad ending trope…

  2. The most frustrating thing ive ever seen, who was the killer ? Im amybe thinking Martha’s dead or not dead husband but considering we dont know what he looks like even if we had seen his face we wouldnt of known.

  3. So fustrated right now! Hated it!
    So many unanswered questions. If that was a build up for a sequel definitely not watching 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. Why did it have a 5-star rating from Netflix? Do all new movies start with that rating? Just asking. The movie had so many aspects that were so wrong, ….that ending was the biggest “non ending” ever. If this came out in the theaters there would have been a stampede of people demanding their money back.

  5. Absolute SHITE!
    Any film school freshman could have done better.
    I cannot even describe how bad this movie is so I will just say it’s as bad as Lady In The Water by M Night Shamalamadingdong.

  6. The movie was misteriuous with ugly opening and stupid ending .. which really shows no art of movie making .. One question I was asked .. “”what we gained watching this movie””
    Nothing just questions in our head..what is going on..

  7. If I could take one cue from the movie it would be this:
    Take the Director and Producers and bring them up into a bedroom. Tie them to chairs and then break their fingers one at a time.
    Just like in the lousy movie they made.

  8. Worst movie ever. I’m looking to see how I can get my hour and half back. But does answer the question of why Netflix would hire Susan Rice.She was of course, a professional liar.

  9. seen a lot of bad movies in my life , but this movie was awful , its ashamed .i am promise that i can make a better movie even if i dont know how to record , netflix has to delete that movie from the site , i do not want that other people will watch on this site contents. MrShemy. 😠 Maors.6 – on instagram

  10. Ok. At some time it starts showing a road and a road sign for Open House. It show it for so long, enough to say “please do not end here” But unfortunately you are wrong. The worst movie of 2019

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