A.P. Bio: Season 1 – Review

A.P. Bio premieres February 1st, 9:30pm on NBC, and returns on March 1st.

By Jack Faivish

A.P. Bio is a comedy with a great lead character but not much of anything else. With Jack Griffin, the out-of-control, manipulative, and unhinged professor hired as a high school teacher, the creators of this comedy have really formed a must-watch personality. Played by Glenn Howerton, Griffin is a blast to watch as he assures his nerdy biology students that they will not do any work during his class.

Outside of a fantastic protagonist though, A.P. is severely lacking. With no real overarching storylines, the show is forced to run with boring and different plots each episode. The only running thread of the show is that Griffin forces his students to try to get back at his “arch-enemy” Miles, using different schemes. First they try to catfish him, then make disparaging photoshops. These scenes of the sitcom are the worst, as viewers have no real interest in a lazy feud which is only brought up for about three minutes an episode.

Ironically, the show executive produced by Lorne Michaels and Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live would be much better suited as a recurring sketch on a variety show. There’s not enough here to keep viewers interested for 21 minute episodes. Giving Howerton a chance to shine for a couple of minutes at a time would be the best use of the Griffin character.

Unfortunately this show is nothing but a showcase for Howerton’s immense talent. I guess leaving It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia wasn’t the greatest choice.

I give A.P. Bio a C.