2 Dope Queens – Opinion

2 Dope Queens premieres February 2nd, 11:30pm on HBO.

Standup routine to podcast sensation to hit HBO specials – that’s the story of Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson’s 2 Dope Queens franchise. The pair of women are obviously very funny; Robinson is a long-time comedy writer, while Williams was a fan favorite Daily Show correspondent. Their transition back to television is more than welcome, and thankfully these four specials don’t disappoint. The hour long episodes succeed in recreating the same laid back vibe as the podcast, somehow giving off an intimate comedy club vibe despite being filmed in front of a packed audience at Brooklyn’s Kings Theater.

Each week the “Queens” explore a different topic. The episodes sent to critics revolved around ‘New York’ and ‘Hair’. Playing out like an old-fashioned variety show, the hosts chat for a bit, then introduce two standup comedians – always from a minority group – to perform a quick set. The two best so far have been Aparna Nancherla and Rhea Butcher. After applause, a big-name guest is brought out to entertain us. Uncoincidentally, all the stars present have ties to HBO. Jon Stewart and Sarah Jessica Parker seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Honestly, this would make a great regular late-night show. The hosts have great chemistry and audiences will tune in for the diversity. Don’t sleep on these entertaining specials!


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