Private Eyes: Season 1 – Opinion

Private Eyes premieres February 11th, 9pm on Ion.

Prestige TV, this is not… and that’s more than fine! Sometimes a detective team up procedural is exactly what you want to watch. Private Eyes is one of the most generic shows I’ve seen in a long time, but charming actors and a breezy pace make it fun to watch.

Jason Priestly plays Matt Shade, a former pro-hockey player turned scout who comes across PI Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) when one of his star recruits has a heart attack on the ice during a tryout. They team up when the lab reports show that the player used performance enhancing drugs, a move that Shade insists his player would never attempt.

Priestly and Sampson have excellent chemistry and keep things lighthearted. I anticipate a “will they or won’t they” subplot added in soon. The pair both churn out decent performances. Having already aired in Canada and the UK, I wonder if Private Eyes can find an American audience as well.

Every episode has a couple of twists and turns, but you won’t fry your brain guessing which suspect is guilty. Private Eyes is a ‘background noise’ series.