Private Eyes: Season 1 – Opinion

Private Eyes premieres February 11th, 9pm on Ion.

Prestige TV, this is not… and that’s more than fine! Sometimes a detective team up procedural is exactly what you want to watch. Private Eyes is one of the most generic shows I’ve seen in a long time, but charming actors and a breezy pace make it fun to watch.

Jason Priestly plays Matt Shade, a former pro-hockey player turned scout who comes across PI Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) when one of his star recruits has a heart attack on the ice during a tryout. They team up when the lab reports show that the player used performance enhancing drugs, a move that Shade insists his player would never attempt.

Priestly and Sampson have excellent chemistry and keep things lighthearted. I anticipate a “will they or won’t they” subplot added in soon. The pair both churn out decent performances. Having already aired in Canada and the UK, I wonder if Private Eyes can find an American audience as well.

Every episode has a couple of twists and turns, but you won’t fry your brain guessing which suspect is guilty. Private Eyes is a ‘background noise’ series.


4 thoughts on “Private Eyes: Season 1 – Opinion

  1. This Blows. Liberal Slut and stupid ex hockeyjock in thin plots between making social statements with odd behavior. Daughter and old man best actors. Just fire the stars or kill them off – like maybe love triangle with dozy black detective offing them .. get less progressive writers and let blind daughter and old man solve kinky crimes at her university. Save your time, it blows.

    1. Why don’t you spend more time posting on Breitbart with your Alt-Right buddies and less of it wasting OUR time with your unenlightening comments on TV. Clearly your opinions on entertainment are completely colored by your political views
      And quit calling women sluts – unless you apply the same term to men who are equally sexually active!

    2. I agree with Carol, JK. I enjoy the show, and it sure beats most of the shows on the major networks. You watch TV to escape, and despite the budget constraints I really like this show. Where do you get the nerve to comment about “liberal slut”, etc?

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