Everything Sucks!: Season 1 – Review

Everything Sucks! premieres February 16th on Netflix.

By Jack Faivish

Everything Sucks! is Netflix’s most recent attempt to capture the growing trend of nostalgic offerings. The show is an excellent blend of comedy and drama, utilizing great writing to generate to what I’m sure will be an overwhelmingly positive audience reaction. Everything Sucks! centers around three boys entering high school freshman year in Boring, Oregon (yes that’s a city). Jahi Winston plays the cool, easygoing Luke O’Neil, who tries to win the heart of Kate Messner, the principal’s daughter. His “crew” includes fellow A.V. Club nerds Mcquaid and a Screech-like goofball named Tyler. The Saved by the Bell similarities don’t end there: Principal Messner is a bit more complex, but he reminds me of Mr. Belding.

The show places a big emphasis on character development. Throughout the 10 episode season, we see them grow tremendously with new motivations.

The relationship between Kate and Luke is the show’s foundation. In the early episodes of the season, as they learn more about themselves, they are forced to deal with bullies, led by the heads of drama club, mainly mean-girl Emaline, played well by Sydney Sweeney. The second half of the season sees the two cliques – the Drama and A.V Clubs – join together to make a movie for the whole town to see. The auditions in particular are a hilarious sequence, and the last stretch of episodes show a more human side of the Drama Club.

Everything Sucks! has all the makings of the next Netflix hit, and I’d be shocked if it didn’t attract large amounts of viewers despite its unknown cast.

I give Everything Sucks! a B+.

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