The Royals: Season 4 – Opinion

The Royals’ fourth season premieres March 11th, 10pm on E!.

By Jaya Daniel

You almost want to forgive the E! Network for bringing us the Kardashians because they also bring us The Royals. It’s a guilty pleasure watch that’s full of murder, conspiracy, sex, and beautifully damaged characters who you can’t help but love. As the series continues its run the drama has only gotten wilder and each character is a wonderful embellishment of what you wish the royal family is really like, but probably isn’t.

Entering its fourth season, the show has had quite a few twists and turns. We first met the family as they are dealing with the death of Prince Robert, King Simon (Vincent Regan) and Queen Helena’s (Elizabeth Hurley) first born. Troubled by the loss, King Simon was also on the verge of abolishing the monarchy seeing how it had corrupted his family and what it now stood for, or more so what it didn’t stand for anymore. It was a decision that clouded the family in a paternity scandal, affairs, and even death.

And the show has only gotten more wild since then. The series has such fun, rich characters that makes it such a delight to watch. Each one, broken in their own way, is trying to make their way, whether it’s being thrust into responsibility they’re not necessarily ready for, figuring out who they can trust, or finding a way to cope with loss… and in most cases their methods aren’t exactly healthy. But, no matter what the show throws at you, the characters are just so enjoyable that you gladly push the preposterous aside. I mean, who wouldn’t love to hear the Queen say “FML”?

After the death of Prince Robert, the royal responsibilities fell on his twin siblings, Liam (William Moseley) and Eleanor (Alexandra Park). Liam began his story in a Prince William / Kate Middleton-type romance of his own when he fell in love with the head of security’s daughter. Luckily, they gave their romance an interesting twist and moved the story elsewhere, and for the better. Eleanor is the definition of rich, entitled and spoiled, but you soon learn that she’s more damaged than she lets on and has it in her to be better. She also has a romance of her own with her bodyguard, which is anything but conventional.

Elizabeth Hurley plays Queen Helena and is about as far from Queen Elizabeth as you can get. She wears sexy dresses and is incredibly manipulative, but wants nothing more than to protect the importance of the monarchy and the image it portrays. She sacrificed a lot to get where she is and isn’t willing to give it up without a fight. She’s smart and cunning, but knows how to show her heart when it matters the most. Elizabeth Hurley is magnificent as the Queen. As much as you love to watch her maneuver her way through power, it’s just as great to watch her sweet side come out, which isn’t often. Queen Helena is such a force of nature that it’s remarkable to see her let her guard down, giving us a glimpse into the type of woman she was before she became Queen.

And the ying to Helena’s yang is Cyrus (Jake Maskall), King Simon’s brother. He is the ultimate antagonist, jealous of his brother and utterly horrible. Cyrus is the best type of villain because nothing is beneath him and he lives to cheat his way into becoming King. He’s politically incorrect and has no qualms about offending anyone.

From murder, to con-men, to watching the dead come back to life there’s so much soapy drama to enjoy. No character is too small or insignificant, as even the side characters bring something to the show. As outrageous as the show can be at times, there are plenty of sweet moments too, both romantic and familial. It’s just an all around good time.


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