Timeless: Season 2 Premiere – Review

Timeless​ begins its second season on March 11th, 10pm on NBC.

By Ariba Bhuvad

I cannot explain my enthusiasm for the fact that Timeless is returning to our television screens. For those who may not know, Timeless was cancelled by NBC executives after ratings fell short of expectations. Thanks to an outcry from fans, NBC decided to give the series another go and let production proceed with season two.

Timeless tells the story of a wicked group – Rittenhouse – that is trying to mold the world to their liking by traveling back in time to pivotal moments in history. In an effort to stop them, a government agency hires Lucy the historian (Abigail Spencer), Wyatt the soldier (Matt Lanter), and Rufus the scientist (Malcolm Barrett). They head off on a myriad of adventures to stop those that look to mess up history–and take us back in time to visit places such as the Old West, Al Capone’s Chicago, and Nazi Germany, to name a few.

This week, season two picks up on last year’s cliffhanger with Lucy learning her mother is also working for Rittenhouse. The premiere opens to Wyatt and Rufus awaiting Lucy’s arrival to travel back in time, however, an unexpected explosion blows up Mason Industries and a time jump reveals the team is trapped in a bunker for protection from Rittenhouse.

Meanwhile, Lucy is with her mother in 1918 France, circa the first World War. This is the foundation on which the thrilling episode is set as the group believes Lucy to be dead, while Lucy believes them to be dead.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sophomore premiere, mostly because this was one of my favorite new shows from the 2016-17 season. Apart from some minor setbacks, Timeless proceeded with full steam ahead as it took us back into the throes of time travel.

This series possesses a unique allure that other time-traveling shows and movies do not: it’s premise. Many other members of the genre don’t really set themselves apart with a unique storyline or an exciting cast to make the story intriguing (apart from Outlander). Timeless exceeds in that regard because the cast is top-notch and the story is all sorts of interesting.

Honestly, I was a bit wary where the Rittenhouse storyline was going and was afraid it would become another repetitive plot for the series. But tonight’s episode proved that there is something more sinister and dangerous taking place. That was a big sigh of relief and gave me hope that this story will not get stretched out.

A huge part of Timeless I really enjoyed in season one, and continue to admire, is the historical accuracy. After every episode I spend some time researching the historical events and people involved that week, and I must say the show does a good job of sticking close to the truth. This premiere brought in Madame Curie, who was one of the most famous female scientists of the time and to whom we can contribute inventions to such as the X-ray machine. The details are what make Timeless so special and exciting to watch. And I for one am looking forward to see what the rest of this season brings.

I give Timeless‘ premiere a B+.


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