Game Over, Man! (2018) – Review

Game Over, Man! Is available to stream on Netflix beginning March 23rd.

Has there ever been a movie you had the lowest of expectations for, but after having watched it, the film turned out to be pretty good? That was my experience viewing Game Over, Man!, the new Netflix comedy by the three Workaholics guys. Not anticipating anything great resulted in a pleasant surprise.

Without giving any twists away, the movie is about three custodians who attempt to save the day when their hotel is taken hostage by terrorists. There’s a bit of a Die Hard vibe to the whole thing, which is cleverly referenced. I went in expecting mostly dumb dick jokes, and yes, that’s what I got. Still, the crude and often violent gags are delivered very well! I wouldn’t call myself an Adam Devine fan by any means, but after this production and last month’s When We First Met, the little guy is growing on me.

If you’re a (lowbrow) comedy fan, or just watch consume a lot of pop culture, you’ll spot plenty of cameos in Game Over, Man!. The best include Neal McDonough (Damien Darhk in Arrow), Sam Richardson (Richard Splett in Veep), Jillian Bell (22 Jump Street), and Joel McHale (Community). My only gripe with the cast is that the hilarious Aya Cash (Gretchen in You’re the Worst) is ridiculously underused to the point that should be considered a crime.

Honestly, the biggest problem with the movie is that it ends with the setup for a potential sequel. I would rather the story be self-contained. Major props to the writers for making the 100-minute runtime fly by.

If you have even the slightest inkling to check out Game Over, Man!, definitely add it to your Netflix list.

I give Game Over, Man! a B.