Imposters: Season 2 – Opinion

Imposters returns April 5th, 10pm on Bravo.

By Jaya Daniel

When Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce ended, Bravo added another scripted series to its lineup. Imposters tells the story of Maddie and a group of con artists who swindle people out of millions by playing the long con. Their schemes eventually catch up to them when two of Maddie’s ex-husbands team up to track her down and get their money back.

Last year’s first season was full of entertaining characters the new episodes certainly have a lot going for them. Inbar Lavi as Maddie is so much fun to watch because it looks like she’s really enjoying herself. She plays each role/disguise using everything she’s got and then moves on as if she didn’t just spend months making some poor guy fall in love with her.

On the other side of the story are the people she has scorned. We first meet Ezra (Rob Heaps) as he and Ava (Maddie’s Belgian alter-ego) are celebrating their 28 day anniversary – Yes, I said DAY – and they seem so in love. But, when he goes to buy her a puppy the next day he learns that all his accounts have been wiped out and Ava is missing. He comes home to find a sweetly threatening video of her telling him not to come looking for her because 1. He’ll never find her and 2. She’ll release damning information about him.

Without spoiling the twists, things have escalated very quickly. While season one didn’t conclude on an immediate cliffhanger, fans can’t wait to see what happens next.

Imposters is an uncomplicated, overall enjoyable way to spend an hour of your time. The characters are certainly lively and there’s something intriguing about Maddie that makes you want to learn more about her story. Plus, the dynamic between the more uptight Ezra and not-so-bright Richard is really funny and Parker Young gets to show off his comedic skills in the best of ways. Their partnership is a huge contributing factor for this show being a weekly must see.


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