The Egg House

“The Egg House” opened this weekend in NYC. Located in a storefront at 195 Chrystie Street in Manhattan, it’s a pop-up exhibit made for our Instagram age.

Cleverly and beautifully designed, it contains about 7-8 photo ops: you can sit in an egg carton, swing in eggshell among yellow “yolks”, or break out of an egg like a chick. Kids are sure to enjoy the ball pit filled with yellow and white balls. Egg treats and merchandise from vendors are available for purchase with credit card.

The space is pretty small and you need to wait on line quite a bit. Additionally, since people are always snapping photos, others need to wait to be sure you don’t photobomb someone else’s pic. The exhibit uses the basement of the store as well, with half devoted to a curtained area which only displays a window box size egg in a bed – kind of a waste of space in my opinion.

The place had a nice vibe, with good music playing and helpful staff who stood ready to take photos at each section. Lines outside aren’t long since there are timed tickets available for purchase ($18). The exhibit is open till the end of June. If you like taking and posting selfies, check it out!

More information HERE.