.Zip Season 2 Exhibit

.Zip2 is currently on display at 3LD Art + Technology Center, 80 Greenwich Street.

By Rachel A.

3-Legged Dog, the company that runs 3LD, is known for producing experiences with 20180708_175958extensive multimedia elements and .Zip2 is no exception. The current exhibit utilizes immersive mapping projections displayed on two walls and the floor to allow viewers to become a part of the presentation. After the success of Zip last summer, curator Yuxi Cao (known as James) decided to produce a more expansive second season. The 30-minute “show” is comprised of a series of dynamic projections designed by 11 artists (five from China and six from the United States).

.Zip2, named like a digital file, is a collection of digital art videos. Each piece is unique and is set to music that expresses the emotions of the images. Some are calming, with flowing lines and soft colors (like Traction), and some are jarring, using sharper geometric shapes and angles. Most of the projections are abstract, many in black and white (i.e., an AV poem), with only two (Zero 8 and Esperpenta) depicting people and one (Ceens) portraying scenes in nature. The dark room with three large surfaces conveys “respect” for the pieces, according to Cao, and attempts to create a moving, almost spiritual, encounter.

20180708_174823The art is meant to be experienced up close as you sit/stand on the floor and the images are projected around you and on you. Each observer will have a personalized understanding of the work. More than just an Instagrammable photo-op, the show begs the viewer to consider the implications of art in this form. The designer can edit this art at a location across the globe, and the visual in New York will change.

While trying to “feel” the art, I was struck by the work required to design these pieces. Some of the artists programmed three separate sets of images – one for each of the walls, and one for the floor. Many worked to make the videos meet correctly at the place where the walls met so that there it appeared to be one merged scene across both canvases.

This interesting program is open only on weekends through the end of July. 3LD also plans to host a series of special evening events in the space with talented emerging musical artists.

More information is available HERE.