The Future of ‘TV and City’

Dear you,

Thanks for reading TV and City. Seriously, thank you.

In 10th grade, I just wanted to see a Saturday Night Live museum exhibit, so I quickly set up a website and emailed the listed press contact. They gave me a pair of free tickets in exchange for a feature article. Now we’re here!

Since then, I’ve devoted more time than I can count to TV and City. What started as a place to send my thoughts on television shows into the endless internet void has become a blog where an amazing stable of contributors (and many of my friends) can show their writing chops to thousands and thousands of readers each month.

I never imagined a hastily thrown together WordPress blog could be receiving PR company pitches in my inbox, or that I’d cover a red carpet, interview celebrities, and hold leverage over my peers because I’ve already seen the upcoming season of their favorite Netflix series.

All this has truly been a dream come true. With that said, here’s a big announcement.

Tomorrow, August 27th, 2018, I’m leaving for a gap year abroad. I don’t think I’ll have much time for my own writing, much less managing a steady stream of content for the site. But I’m going to try! We’ll see how it goes. I love running TV and City and would hate for it to lay dormant for 12 months.

Even if the site starts going quiet, rest assured we’ll be back in late 2019. Hopefully, some of my time can be devoted every so often to scheduling the awesome reviews and features our followers have become accustomed to. Guess you’ll have to check back and see.

Keep in touch,
Elazar Abrahams

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