If you can catch Hoaxocaust!, written and performed by Barry Levey and directed by Jeremy Gold Kronenberg, in its last weekend of performances (through 9/30) at the 14th Street Y, you should. While putting forth some controversial opinions that may irk some of the audience, this one-man show raises many important issues about Holocaust denial. Especially in the era of fake news, and with the rising number of Nazi-type candidates running for office all over the world, this topic cannot be ignored.
We join Barry on a comedic, unbelievable, around-the-world adventure as he tracks down deniers from the heartland to Helsinki, meets professors and presidents, and dodges a brother in Hungary and a boyfriend back home on a journey to discover the shocking truth about the Holocaust. Along the way, he poses crucial questions: What role should past horrors play in defining our religious views, our self-perception, even our politics? Is there such a thing as a contemporary Jewish identity independent of the Holocaust? Should there be? What if the Holocaust had never happened?
Developed at the New Group, the cell, and Prospect Theater Company at 59E59, Hoaxacaust! was previously performed at Theater for the New City and won the NY International Fringe Festival’s 2014 Overall Excellence award. Levey is quite talented and performs this “stand-up” routine flawlessly, taking on multiple personas, and even ad-libbing some of the introduction as he warms up the audience.

Tickets start at $25.00 and are currently available to purchase by calling 646-395-4310 or by visiting www.14streety.org. Tickets may also be purchased 30 minutes before showtime. You can also learn more about the show at www.hoaxocaust.com.

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