Charmed: “Pilot” – Review

Charmed premieres on October 14th on The CW.

By Mary Rosealea

So, we’ve got a Charmed reboot. This new series plays with almost the same theme as the original: Three sisters come together despite their differences and learn that they are the most powerful witches in the world. Other than a slight Easter egg or two for diehard fans, that’s where the similarities stop.

Before I begin to bash the pilot, let me say, the actresses themselves are good, although their characters are pretty standard tropes. We’ve got your feminist warrior in Mel (Melonie Diaz); the younger, immature sister that only wants to fit in, Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) and the long-lost intellectual, Macy (Madeleine Mantock), who wants to know more about her family. Then we’ve got your typical mysterious bystander in Harry (Rupert Evans) who we’re not sure if we can trust or not.

The storyline is also promising! You almost can’t go wrong nowadays as far as the fantasy genre is concerned. It will be quite interesting to see if the writers take on a creature-of-the-week format that is so popular in shows like Supernatural. If they do, there is a world of possibilities to go after in that department. As for the “big bad” of the season, honestly I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be the Source of All Evil, or after their mother’s Ouija board warning it’s going to be their new friend Harry. Quite frankly, that is the type of suspenseful cliffhanger that will help cultivate a fandom right away.

However, you would think that the network that provides us with such fan favorites as the Arrowverse would have much better special effects than what this pilot episode seemed to deliver. I’m not sure what glitch there appeared to be in these costume and effects departments. Even if entirely new fans come to this show with no prior knowledge of the original show, they will still find this area lacking, especially in today’s standards of the science fiction/fantasy genre.

I’m probably still a little bitter about the lack of continuity with the original series. They don’t even have the support of the original cast! That’s a big deal in this reboot-MO of modern pop culture. Hopefully, as the season progresses and gains popularity, Charmed might be able to hold their ground and blaze through all the naysayers.

I give Charmed’s pilot a C.


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12 thoughts on “Charmed: “Pilot” – Review

  1. I was looking forward to watching it even though inhate the forced PC that’s very clearly come into play for this remake. If you’re going to change the main characters from their original white actors to ethnic minority’s please at least get some that know how to act. The acting was terrible and the affects were poop.

    1. Got nothing to do with race or even the fact that one of the sisters is now a lesbian but i get it you are obviously one of those that plays the racist,homophobic whatever card of the day. Fact is it doesn’t even come close to what the original was and that’s what is getting people not the color of skin or sexual Orientation or whatever so put your cards away and go cry in a corner snowflake.

    2. Yeah, no. Racist would be the racebent casting they did while hiring only one actor that identifies as Latina instead of hiring on actual Latinx actresses. Oh, whoops. Kind of missed the mark with that one, bro.
      Let me guess, you’ll say that it’s homophobic now because a character is a lesbian that I, a lesbian, already find to be a callow representation so far that they’ll have to do a hell of a lot of work to convince me isn’t just them using me as some token of “diversity” rather than actual representation? Gotcha. It’s wild that it’s mostly dudes standing that point too. I have to wonder if they’re the same guys that have gone into meltdown about the queer(bait)y subtext of Dean and Castiel on CW’s Supernatural, because how dare you put homoromantic subtext on macho dudes, but give us our lesbians.
      Take the concern trolling about faux-awareness out of here and start asking the CW why they have racebent casting if you’re so worried about racial representation.

    3. So if people don’t appreciate the special effects/CGI, writing etc it makes them racist?? What a joke. You can’t pull out the racism card for everything.

    4. Afro-Latino here and the pilot sucked!!! It was forced, rushed, horrible acting. The storyline sucks for not giving a history of which witchcraft it would mostly use.

    5. As someone who is Latina and a HUGE fan of Charmed I’m super disappointed in the actresses. Not because of their race but because of their acting ability. Alsooo it might not even be their fault the writers just got it alll messed up. Did they even watched Charmed? Because it seemed like they read a short summary and wrote an entire TV show spin off based off it. I think they should of named it something different than Charmed. No justice to the name

  2. They should of changed the house they changed the book of shadows and u can’t bring the book of shadows out of the house the house would of been passed down to Piper’s kids and it is really Corney the old charmed graphics were much better tried two watch this but it is so sad bring back piper Phoebe and Paige

  3. I happen to enjoy this reboot. I was a die hard fan of the original. Give it a chance people! If any of you remember…the original got better and better with time.

  4. I can’t help but feel this reboot was explicitly created to address issues that leftist media and supporters want to spread to demonize (literally) the opposing opinion in real life politics and society. If your aim is to make a good reboot, focus on the story, acting, and creativity. If your aim is “diversity” which is ironically not diverse, man shaming, and racebate, then your product becomes very distasteful to the majority of your audience. I prefer the original Charmed for sure.

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