House of The Hatter

House of The Hatter takes place for one night only – this Thursday, October 18 in Brooklyn. It’s an immersive walk-through exhibit that features cultural disruptions in art and technology. The experience fosters experimentation and pushes the borders of these fields.

TV and City got to speak with Matt Lunetta, Founder of Alternative Now (the experiential agency that conceptualized and brought The House of The Hatter to life) to learn more about this interesting pop-up. He explained that this otherworldly one-night event is called “House of The Hatter” because guests are invited into the actual residence and innovation laboratory of “The Hatter.” You can read more about The Hatter’s legacy here. He is a mysterious character who is rumored to have spent centuries curating the most curious artistic and technological innovations that humanity has ever and will ever see.

This year they are incredibly excited to be partnering with Sony’s Girl in the Spiders Web film to put on several all-new interactive installations. Fans of “The Dragon Tattoo” series and of The Hatter are both thrill-seeking adventurers, making this partnership the perfect activation to delight both audiences. Girl in the Spiders Web is helping showcase a hair-raising “code against the clock” installation where attendees will have to put on their Lisbeth Salander hat to make it through. The Big Head Box installation is also returning, with a new, creative twist. There will also be a giant spider web.

Additional stations include two sensory installations from One Thousand Birds where you can make music with water and laser beams, The Multigraph – an optical illusion, illustration storytelling and cocktail contraptions from the steampunk masters at ModVic

The Hatter believes that both art and technology are rooted in uninhibited creativity. When they intersect, disruption bubbles to the surface and progress is the result. The goal of the evening is to challenge conventional thinking by showcasing progressive artists, innovators, and brands that are causing disruption in their industries. House of Hatter wants to provide a truly no-strings-attached playground where consumers can interact with artists and brands in an environment that is driven by curiosity and exploration. It’s because of brand partners that they can provide this completely immersive experience, but it’s certainly not about them.

Want to push some creative boundaries? To learn more and to purchase tickets for one of the four timed sessions between 4 and 11:30 pm visit