Fairy Island

By Rachel M.

Billed as “Secret Gardens in your Dreams”, an interactive pop-up called Fairy Island is open through November 17th at 152 Lexington Avenue. This small but beautiful exhibit has an escapist feel, wanting the guests to imagine themselves in scenes far from the streets of New York. The rooms have a feminine feel, with lots of flowers, feathers, and tinsel.

After entering through a mirrored hall, one can take pictures with a silver Pegasus, on a gazebo surrounded by silver birds, on a confetti-filled floor, and inside a giant flower bed. It “portrays a dreamland where women can find an ambiance to give wings to their long pending desires and dreams.” Each room is themed around a girl who had to hide her dreams for a very long time. Especially for New Yorkers, who have a fast-paced life, Fairy Island is an escape.

This pop-up could be fun for children, and will also allow adults to let their inner child out.

More information is available at www.fairyislandusa.com. It’s advised to buy tickets in advance.