Nightmare Machine

By Rachel M.

Taking advantage of their success this summer, the folks from the pop-up Dream Machine adapted the same space in Williamsburg for the month of October and are producing Nightmare Machine. Not meant to be a haunted house, the exhibit is Halloween themed, and is scary but not terrifying. Various rooms include a graveyard, a pile of roaches, a bloody operating room, and a maze of masks. The requisite ball pit is decorated to be hell-themed, in a red-orange fire-like color.

The exhibit lives up to the tagline – “Turning Dreams into Nightmares” – with lots of Instagram worthy photo ops. A haunted circus, a coffin, and a decrepit laundry room all make great settings for spooky portraits. Older kids will enjoy this PG-13 experience, which is missing from the New York scene.

Only open till the end of the month, more information can be found at . Tickets must be purchased in advance at the same site. The next few days are sure to be busy!