Clique: Season 1 – Review

Clique premiered November 7th on Pop TV.

[Ed. Note: Being that TV and City is on a bit of a hiatus, this article has not been edited.]

By Ariba Bhuvad

From the creators of Skins, comes Clique, a suspenseful teen drama that dives into the world of an elite clique of women that are part of a corporation that promises to take them all the way to the top. If you’re into the investigative mystery genre, then Clique is the show for you.

The story follows two childhood friends, Georgia (Aisling Franciosi) and Holly (Synnove Karlsen) who are attending the University of Edinburgh. It’s a whole new world and anything is possible–anything. Almost immediately, you are introduced to their lives as college students and how through a module, they stumble across a group of women that are involved in an exclusive corporation. The goal of this module is to snag a position within the corporation run by Sherlock’s Louise Brealey.

There is something very sinister and bad about the whole situation, but it happens to catch the attention of Georgia. As soon as that happens, the series takes a dark turn and as much as you find yourself resisting, you’re drawn into every moment.

Now, I won’t say this was a stellar show, but I can’t lie when I say that is one that you’ll find yourself wanting to binge-watch. Between the foreign accents, dramatic allure, and all the mysteries that start to present themselves, it becomes more and more fun to follow. Of course, there are some plot holes and aspects of it that fail to explain the backstory in more depth.

For example, it feels like too much is jam-packed in just the first episode and things go from zero to 100 really fast, so it’s almost as if you’re thrust into the story before you have a moment to fully comprehend it. The involvement of the corporation seems unnecessary at times but I suppose it provides a platform for this elite group of women to operate from. Other than that, the series is entertaining to watch, and because it hails from BBC–you know it can’t be that bad.

Overall, the seductive, murderous, anticipation building drama is worth the binge-watch, and while there are some parts of it that fail to explain the plot further, it just might be your new guilty pleasure.

I give Clique a B-.