Anti-Hero by Jerkface

By Rachel M.

Who’s ready to root for the antihero? Taglialatella Galleries presents a new collection of paintings and prints by NY-based street artist Jerkface, appropriately entitled Anti-Hero. The provocative muralist has become world-renowned for daring dissections and reimaginations of iconic characters from the canon of favorite comics and cartoons of our time.

The signature painting style of Jerkface employs geometric abstraction, transparency, and repetition, as protagonists and antagonists alike are transformed into intricately painted motifs on canvas. He started crafting works of art at the age of 16. In 2014, he finished a 30 days campaign, where he dropped a new piece of art every day for a consecutive 30 days, painting on canvas, as well as on walls.

Jerkface uses familiar figures from cartoons but sheds a new light on them. In Anti-Hero, the artist combines an unmistakable style with inspiration from a variety of legendary shows; including the Simpsons, Sesame Street, Family Guy, and Looney Tunes, among others. His meshing of iconic characters (i.e. Charlie Brown and Bart Simpson) is enlightening. It makes the viewer think both about which pieces of a character have become their signature and why, as well as what parts of their personality are like other figures.

Besides the prints, this exhibit hosts a room that has been decorated by Jerkface. It is adorned with a pink donut mural and contains benches and blow-ups. It’s both fun and beautiful.

Anti-Hero will exhibit at Taglialatella Galleries’ flagship location in Chelsea, New York, through December 13, 2018. You can see the entirety of his collections on his website here, and you can keep tabs on him daily by following his Instagram @incarceratedjerkfaces.