Jessica Jones: Season 3 – Review

Jessica Jones‘ final season premieres June 14th on Netflix.

[Ed. Note: Being that TV and City is on a bit of a hiatus, this article has not been edited.]

By Ariba Bhuvad

Jessica Jones will officially release its third and final season this Friday, and I’m sorry to report most of you will be rather disappointed. I’m not sure if they knew that it would be the final batch of episodes that early on, but this final batch of episodes just simply didn’t live up to the hype and appeal that the series gave us in season one.

There’s something genuine missing in the first eight episodes given to critics to review, so maybe, just maybe, the series will pick up in the final five episodes. But the pace at which the first eight are going, I’m not entirely sure this will be the case. Luckily, as always, Krysten Ritter does a superb job of playing the gloomy, angry Jessica Jones and may be the saving grace for a rather “blah” final season.

Without giving too much away, the third and final season focuses mostly on the rift between Jessica and her BFF, Trish. If you’ve watched the second season, then you know the cause behind this resentful distance. More or less, this is the main plot point of season three, and it is boring. At some point during the first three episodes, I found myself completely checked out of what was going on. A part of me was just wishing for a surprise Kilgrave cameo that would never come as was reported by Netflix long ago. But one can be hopeful, right?

Fans that are hoping for an epic farewell season or something that gives you closure, I’m not quite sure you’ll walk away feeling fulfilled. Of course, I haven’t seen the last five episodes so plenty can change between episodes 9-13. But again, I wouldn’t exactly bet on it.

Apart from Ritter’s performance, Jessica Jones season three is an epic disappointment that fails to follow any solid plot or give us anything to be excited about. The story drags along in the first eight episodes and there is very little hope that the pace quickens towards the final five. It’s quite saddening because this series was absolutely amazing when it first premiered, and it’s heartbreaking to know that it certainly does not go out with a bang.

Maybe Disney+ will revive it years down the road and give us the story we all truly deserve. R.I.P. Jessica Jones, your beginning will be missed, but your ending–not so much.

I give Jessica Jones Season 3 a D.