Ocean Cube NYC

Ocean Cube is open at 60 Grand Street in Manhattan through August 8.

Ocean Cube Exhibit is a pop-up exhibit that depicts a futuristic habitable under-sea world. The five rooms are all bio-luminescent – all the beautiful creatures emit soft light. Ocean Cube Exhibit also intends to raise concerns about our impact on the environment.

Room 1: Coral Tunnel

A canopy of vibrant flowing strands represents the soft coral hanging across the reef’s surface.


Room 2: Net Guard

This space is like the border protecting you from the polluted surface. Colorful waving fishnets fill this room.


Room 3: Jellyfish Station

This room is the core of the exhibit depicting some of ocean life – jellyfish! A whale made out of lightbulbs is the centerpiece.

Room 4: Bubble Mall

A room full of plastic bubbles!


Room 5: Recycle Bank

All the bottles in this room show the impact of discarded plastic on our oceans.


This small exhibit is quite beautifully designed. Pretty amazing what you can do with inexpensive materials and creativity!

More information at https://www.oceancubenyc.com/. Tickets ($14) available at https://www.oceancubenyc.com/ticket.