This exhibit is at the historic Cipriani at 25 Broadway in lower Manhattan through September 2.

By Rachel M.

SuperReal, a cutting-edge interactive digital art installation for the senses, created by Moment Factory and co-produced by Cipriani, transports visitors through multidimensional realms that heighten both aural and visual senses. The immersive journey fuses pixel-precise projection mapping technology and unprecedented multimedia art. Over a span of forty-five minutes, SuperReal invites you to experience five unique environments – each one a different dimension with a distinct narrative, bringing abstract concepts to life with stunning, interactive visuals. Ranging from very colorful, to golden, to black and white, each projection is captivating.

The experience has been carefully conceived to highlight the iconic architecture of Cipriani 25 Broadway and its Grand Hall, transforming the space from a vast, imposing structure to a playful and interactive feast for the senses. The installation’s videos are shaped to fit the high walls and arches of the space. Each wall, as well as the ceiling,  has its own display.

The designers have filled the room with large white balloons and the audience is encouraged to interact with them, adding to the atmosphere of the exhibit. The balloons provide a feeling of air, space and movement to large, open hall. Visitors can sit on bean bags to watch the visuals above and around them.

An exquisite, unusual experience, SuperReal is worth seeing before it closes next weekend.

Tickets are priced at $24 per person (children six and under are admitted free of charge) and can be purchased at