Paley Center: ‘A Century of Football: Celebrating the NFL’s 100th Season’

By Elazar Abrahams

Last Sunday, I happened to wander past the Paley Center for Media near Rockefeller Center and popped in the check out their new exhibit celebrating the National Football League’s landmark 100th season. While there wasn’t much to see, if you’re a football fan, I do recommend checking it out. It’s open through October 27.

The exhibit, much like the Paley Center’s Marvelous Mrs. Maisel display last season, makes the most of the building’s limited space. The lobby room hosts gaming stations with Madden ‘20 available for play. There are also touchpad tables with interactive trivia where you can test your NFL knowledge.

But the main attraction is the room further in. Surrounded by walls decorated with jerseys and memorabilia from all 32 NFL teams is the one and only Vince Lombardi trophy. Perfect for Instagram photo-ops! All 53 Super Bowl rings are also featured behind glass. Several items on loan from the Pro Football Hall of Fame are present as well.

The theater downstairs screens some Sunday games live, which could be fun for the whole family. Also, check their schedule to see if they’ll be showing a rare print of the first Super Bowl (never before publicly shown) when you visit.

If you’re lucky, the employees might hand you a complimentary NFL 100 pin. Gotta love free swag, it makes pop-ups 100 times better.