Pop Up Grocer

Pop Up Grocer is a traveling pop-up grocery store, showcasing hundreds of products from the most innovative and exciting natural food brands today. I visited the Soho storefront last Sunday and was quite impressed. They carry the hippest and healthiest food! We’re talking bars, bites, butters, puffs, jerky and beyond.

The space is also aesthetically pleasing. In other words, perfect for the ‘gram. If you could describe Pop Up Grocer in one word, it would be “gentrification,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As an observant Jew that keeps kosher, I need to usually pass on food events that TV and City gets invited to. Fortunately, Pop Up Grocer had plenty of options for me. I filled up a basket with all the certified snacks I could find. Here, in no particular order, are some of note:

  • Steve & Andy’s organic chocolate chip cookies were amazing.
  • Wild Joy’s Banana Jerky is a worth try. I got the chipotle lime flavor which was unbelievably spicy.
  • For fun, I tried out Peach, a luxury toilet paper brand. Couldn’t tell the difference, but the packaging is cute.
  • Magic Spoon cereal looked appealing, but it had a gross aftertaste.
  • Puffworks, CHUM, and Positive Pretzels were all aces. I’ll probably continue purchasing those brands.

You’ve got almost a month to stop in and find a treat. Located at 208 Bowery, the shop is open from 9am to 7pm daily, and closes on October 20.