Nancy Drew: ‘Pilot’ – Review

Nancy Drew premieres October 9 on The CW.

By Sarah J

Nancy Drew kicks off with a big Riverdale vibe and I am definitely here for it. Things are dark and edgy in the best kind way. Watching this pilot felt like I was taking a step back in time to the days of noir!

Nancy is exactly the type of character I expected and wanted her to be. She’s creative, smart, too curious for her own good, and an impressive sleuth – especially for a teenager.

Ned was actually even better than I expected him to be. Anyone who is a fan of the book series – or any previous Drew adaptation really – knows that Ned usually comes off as a bit of a mouse. But not this Ned. Here, he goes by Nick and comes off as a badass. Watching what his character is capable of is certainly going to be interesting to say the least. And he had me swooning.

While there is a lot I can’t say just yet about this series because of the spoiler embargo, I can tell you it’s definitely worth a shot. Many people have expressed concerns over how this version will compare to others. But I am hoping that you’ll be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

The CW’s Nancy Drew is a mashup of genres that blend together beautifully. You’d be hard-pressed to give it one label when others ask you what kind of show you’re watching. You’re also going to be unsure about who you can trust. Everyone in this show seems is a suspect for one thing or another. Horseshoe Bay is full of citizens that have nothing but secrets.

Those secrets involve the shady pasts every character seems to have, including Nancy. While the backstories of these characters aren’t explored in the pilot, the rest of the season will delve into details. It should be fun…

You’ll need put aside critical thinking though. For example, teenagers have zero adult supervision while running around town investigating murders. Similarly, don’t get caught up with how Nancy seems to know every forensic term, and from a quick glance at a corpse, can determine the cause of death. Hey, Veronica Mars got away with the same thing. Let’s give Nancy a pass.

For a series premiere, this is awfully compelling TV.

I give Nancy Drew‘s pilot a B+.