For All Mankind: Season 1 – Review

For All Mankind premieres November 1 on Apple TV+.

By Ariba Bhuvad

For All Mankind, as of now, just might be Apple TV+’s best series (at least on launch day). For those of you who don’t know, the series has a very intriguing and riveting alternate history premise. Centered on the moon landing of 1969, this version of the story puts the Soviet Union on the moon before the United States. This alters the course of the “race to space” history we’ve come to know very well and raises the stakes for the United States to go bigger and better when it comes to space travel.

Created by Outlander’s Ronald D. Moore, For All Mankind covers all the bases of an alternate history drama, but in a more optimistic manner. Shows like The Handmaid’s Tale often focus on a gloomy, saddened version of the future, but that is not the case here. With the United States being behind in the “race to space”, it motivates them to go above and beyond.

The manner in which they do it will reel you in as you’re watching and becoming invested in the outcome of the space race. Along with the plot, the cast carries the series on their backs, bringing something wonderful to the mix. If you’re not interested in space or alternate history, watching this cast do their thing is reason enough.

Also, did I mention that all the set design, specifically the mission control room, was all functional? That’s how dedicated they were to making this series realistic, and boy, did they do a kickass job.

When Apple TV+ premieres this week, I am fairly certain that most people will be ranting and raving about it more than the others. After all, For All Mankind has Joel Kinnaman in it – do you need anything else?

I give For All Mankind an A-.