See: Season 1 – Review

See premieres November 1 on Apple TV+.

By Ariba Bhuvad

From the creator of Peaky Blinders comes this very interesting drama series from Apple TV+. When I say interesting, it might not entirely be the correct word for it, but just work with me here. Starring Jason Momoa, See tells the story of a civilization of a very distant future in which the entire population is blind. In the wake of a virus that broke out centuries before, about two million people were robbed of their sight.

In the three episodes given to critics to watch, the series plays out a bit convoluted and overwhelming. To be fair, this is a vast world full of so many intricate details, and given that we only had the first three episodes, there’s plenty of time for things to turn around. The show’s biggest flaw thus far is that they don’t explain the world we’re thrust into very quickly.

The audience is left piecing together the plot, characters, and overall premise, which makes it rather difficult to follow. Having said that, the cinematography of the series is stunning. I’m not sure if they filmed on location or not or if it was CGI, but whatever they did, it’s the one aspect of See that I simply couldn’t get enough of. Between the lush greenery, forests, and lakes, it was a breathtaking experience.

When Apple TV+ premieres their first batch of shows this week, don’t expect See to be in your top five. Having said that, Jason Momoa fans will surely enjoy seeing him back on the small screen, but three episodes in, that’s the most simple, direct thing you can take away from it.

I guess you’ll just have to “see” for yourself.

I give See a C.