Truth Be Told: Season 1 – Review

Truth Be Told premieres December 6th on Apple TV+.

By Ariba Bhuvad

Over the last few years, the world has become enamored with true crime stories, mainly through the platform of podcasts. It’s an obsession like none other and precisely what Apple TV+’s series, Truth Be Told explores. Starring Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul, this series dives deep into a case of a young man named Warren Cave convicted of murder and picks up 19 years after his sentence. Spencer plays the role of Poppy Parnell, a podcaster that was initially convinced Warren was responsible for the murder. Years later, she feels differently and intends on finding a way to exonerate Warren as she believes him to be innocent.

In the four episodes given to critics to review, we are given a glimpse into what this series will eventually build towards. While the plot isn’t convincingly clever or intriguing, the show’s saving grace is most definitely Paul and Spencer. Their performance enhances the story and keeps you engaged in where the plot is progressing.

Certain plot holes make the series fall short of achieving all it could be which starts with how a podcaster had such great influence over the sentencing of a murder suspect. There’s some level of believability there but the fact that the series tries to paint Poppy Parnell as the biggest reason for Warren’s sentence seems a bit far-fetched.

Having said that, there is plenty to enjoy about Truth Be Told as it encapsulates the essence of America’s obsession with true crime. It’s reminiscent of the intrigue that the Serial podcast brought and accurately depicts how people react to interesting, riveting stories.

You may watch Truth Be Told and find that you love it for its plot alone, while others may not find their interest peaking in what the story has to offer. In either case, audiences will be very impressed with Paul’s performance as Warren Cave. He may be reason enough to give the series a try.

I give Truth Be Told a C+.