You: Season 2 – Review

You Season 2 premieres December 26th on Netflix.

By Ariba Bhuvad

You is back with a bang, and I’ll be the first to say it doesn’t disappoint. After the shift from Lifetime to Netflix, the show continues to maintain its creepy, suspenseful vibe with Penn Badgley taking the lead. The show doesn’t miss a beat and I have to say I was quite wary of the show going into a new season.

Could the show keep up with the success of the first season? Could the story about a sociopathic serial killer continue to surprise and entertain us? Yes, yes, yes to all of that. I’ll admit the middle of the second season hits sort of a slump but it finds its footing very quickly. It’s quite impressive to see Badgley do as well as he does in this kind of role. Who knew the guy who played the elusive Gossip Girl columnist had such range?

Season 2 of You impresses with its mysterious plot as Joe Goldberg begins a new life post the drama of last year’s finale. You’ll be shocked, surprised, and experience plenty of O-M-G moments throughout the season, I can promise you that.

My favorite part of the show in general, particularly in season 2, is watching Badgley grow into an even creepier, more frightening version of his character. He seems to have matured in a scarier way which makes for a riveting adventure for the next chapter. It’s a surefire guarantee that Badgley’s performance will be the talk of the town once season 2 premieres. Who doesn’t love those hilarious, thought-provoking crossovers Badgley’s character has? It’s pretty much the heart of the show.

Brace yourself for You season 2, folks. It’s going to be a wild journey, one that you certainly won’t see coming.

I give You‘s second season a B.

YOU Credit: Tyler Golden/Netflix