Ballsy’s ‘Keep Your Jewels Jolly’ Kit

I get sent a lot of random products to review on TV and City, and unfortunately, I don’t have the time to cover most of them. Countless Blu-rays are sitting in a pile somewhere, begging to be written about. Occasionally a fun board game will show up and I’ll try my best to review it. And then every so often we get something so delightfully crazy that I can’t help but jump right into drafting an article about it.

The holiday-themed care package from Ballsy – a company provides care products for, well, you know – was one such item. The hilariously branded package contains three things, each aptly named and described within: ballwash, nut rub, and sack spray.

Image result for keep your balls jolly

We’re not exactly the kind of outlet to dive into great detail on this, but overall they all worked great. Costumers will feel clean and refreshed after using it. I think this would make a great gift for someone you’re close to.

Kudos to this brand for being absolutely hilarious.

You can buy the $45 set HERE.