ZeroZeroZero: Season 1 – Review

ZeroZeroZero premieres March 6th on Amazon Prime Video.

By Ariba Bhuvad

ZeroZeroZero is a complicated insight into the drug trade and the lives that are complicated when involved with it. What struck me as peculiar but simultaneously drew me into the series is that it connects three families internationally over a shipment of cocaine. The journey takes us through the Italians that bought it, the Mexican cartel that supplied it, and the American family that made the deal come together.

While I’m a sucker for shows that remind me of Netflix’s Narcos, I wasn’t exactly 100% on board with this one. I appreciated the efforts that were made to string together such a diverse and multi-layered story, but at times, that very effort made things very confusing. I think watching a show in languages you don’t understand always requires extra effort on the viewer’s end to pay attention. Subtitles are there for that sole purpose, but when a series brings in more than one language, the attention to detail goes out the window. This is the struggle I had with this series, so I advise you to keep your eyes on the screen so as not to miss key elements of the story.

Having said all this, ZeroZeroZero manages to pull off flashback sequences effortlessly. I often feel that shows have a hard time tying back and making a connection to the past, but this series handles that task pretty well. I stayed fairly invested in any flashbacks and could always find the significance in them.

The war on drugs is an issue we hear about very often in our daily lives, and ZeroZeroZero tries to convey that struggle through translating it onto the screen. The deep dive into the crazy, dangerous world of drugs and the buying/selling of them is at the forefront of the series, and I think people will find themselves somewhere in the middle of being interested and completely hating it. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it, and I think that’s simply because the overlap of three different storylines into one was a bit too much for me to follow.

The cast, production, and cinematography were fairly on point, and I think it’s worth mentioning they did a decent job with that. Considering it was based on a 2013 novel by the same name, I think the creative team behind it did put their best efforts forward in retelling this story. I mean, for having to balance three different storylines in three different countries over one shipment of cocaine is not an easy feat. I may have been confused through a lot of it, but I can still appreciate the efforts that were put into it.

I give ZeroZeroZero a C+.

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