#blackAF: Season 1 – Review

#blackAF premieres April 17th on Netflix.

By Ariba Bhuvad

From the ridiculously hilarious mind of Kenya Barris comes #blackAF. I’m not sure where to start with this review because as a comedy, this series has made its way into my top five. If there was something that could be better than number one, I’d give #blackAF that. Yes, that is how great it is.

Starring Barris (the creator of black-ish, grown-ish, and mixed-ish) in his acting debut alongside Rashida Jones comes #blackAF. What exactly is the series about? Well, it is set up in a mockumentary style and based on Barris’ real-life family. In fact, Barris plays himself, and much like his actual life, he’s surrounded by six children. But unlike his real life, he’s still married in the series, and his wife is played by Jones.

If I was to describe this series I’d say it was a very mature and adult-version of Barris’ series, black-ish. It wasn’t until I watched the episodes made available to critics that I realized Anthony Anderson’s character on black-ish is literally Barris in every possible way–down to his mannerisms and wardrobe. It has made me appreciate Barris as a creative so much more than I ever did before.

I can’t forget to mention that I couldn’t believe this was Barris’ first acting gig. You would never know given his performance in #blackAF–he’s so incredibly funny. My face was hurting from all the laughter, and his profanity and candid dialogue made every scene he was in so much fun to watch.

However, what specifically makes #blackAF such a fun watch is the on-screen chemistry between Jones and Barris. The dysfunctional marriage, their ridiculous banter, and their odd relationship with their children all come together in such a glorious manner. I couldn’t stop watching the episodes, and I was so disheartened when I realized there was no more to watch.

I think when this series premieres, folks will immediately be drawn to it, especially given recent times. We all need some light and humor in our lives, and I can promise you that #blackAF will be just the series to do so.

I give #blackAF an A.

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