Never Have I Ever: Season 1 – Review

Never Have I Ever premieres April 27 on Netflix.

By Ariba Bhuvad

I’ll be the first to admit that I love Mindy Kaling, and have been following her since her days on The Office as Kelly Kapoor. She’s been in a series of movies and shows since then including her namesake, The Mindy Project.

Well, now, she’s taking charge of things behind-the-scenes with her Netflix series, Never Have I Ever. Being from a South Asian background, this show spoke volumes to my experiences growing up and the situations I still find myself in to this day. There are certainly not enough (or barely any, for that matter) shows depicting the realities of South Asian life, but Never Have I Ever does it effortlessly.

From the humor to the intense cultural expectations, to the interactions with others in the same community, Kaling got it right on the nose. Being from a similar background, she was the perfect individual to bring a story like this to life.

I enjoyed every moment of the season and was able to relate as a member of the same community, as an adult, and even think back to my days as an awkward South Asian teenager. But whether or not you can relate on a personal level or not, Never Have I Ever is classic Mindy Kaling material that will reel anyone in. She’s a comedic genius, and while I love seeing her on-screen, I’m smitten with her work as a showrunner.

Bravo, Never Have I Ever! You gave me a show that finally gets me.

I give Never Have I Ever a B+.

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