Dead to Me: Season 2 – Review

Dead to Me‘s second season is now streaming on Netflix.

By Ariba Bhuvad

After watching the first season of Dead to Me last year, I was immediately hooked to the drama, suspense, and allure of all it had to offer. Now that I’ve seen the second season in its entirety, I am ecstatic to report that it’s even better than its first installment.

Bringing back Linda Cardellini, Christina Applegate, and James Marsden to the mix, Dead to Me manages to continue its stroke of genius with its wild story. From the minute it starts, season 2 wastes no time picking up from the events of the season 1 finale, and diving headfirst into the chaos that the second season brings.

Once again, Cardellini and Applegate shine as Judy and Jen and somehow manage to top their performances from season 1. As you’ve likely seen from the season 2 trailer, Judy and Jen have a murder to cover-up. The second season dives into the intricacies of how they’ll handle this situation, and much, much more. Suffice to say, fans of the first season will not be disappointed.

There’s an attraction to the story and its characters that pull you into the epicenter of all the drama. We can credit this to Cardellini and Applegate’s performance which is as riveting and exciting as ever. You simply won’t get enough of their antics, and the fact that they play through an unexpected and unconventional friendship between two women is a testament to their talent. You’ll see in the second season that their characters’ differences are highlighted more than ever, but season 2 has an incredible way of bringing them together despite that.

I didn’t have many qualms about how the second season played out from start to finish, except for a couple that I simply can’t go into detail about due to spoilers. For the most part, Dead To Me navigates the murky waters that Judy and Jen find themselves with creativity and humor. Because in a story about covering up a murder, you definitely need some humor. Well, at least when Applegate and Cardellini are involved.

I give Dead to Me Season 2 a B+.

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