Emily in Paris: Season 1 – Review

Emily in Paris premieres October 2 on Netflix.

By Ariba Bhuvad

Are you a hopeless romantic? Have you ever dreamed of packing up your bags and jetting away to the classy city of Paris? I know I certainly have, and while watching the screeners for the first season of Emily in Paris, I felt as if I was watching my dreams unfold on the screen.

Starring Lily Collins, Emily in Paris is a quintessential, adorable, and feel-good series that reels you in from the get-go. It’s the classic story of a Midwestern girl moving to another country, hoping to make it there and create a new life for herself. With Collins in the lead role, it really encapsulated everything Emily in Paris stood for.

Her charming personality, exquisite taste in fashion, and perky attitude added to the series’ main character, Emily, in a way that isn’t often easy to do. This type of series is something we all need right now, a quick moment to escape into a different world, away from our own. A world that may be foreign to so many, but yet so intriguing you desire to be a part of it.

Emily’s job at a marketing firm pulls her to the romantic city of Paris, but it is her adventures and experiences there with culture shock, love, forming friendships, and battling workplace obstacles that really pull the show together. What I truly love about this series is that it doesn’t try too hard, it just is what it is. The story is straightforward and simple, and feels as if it’s a real-life account of someone that has truly done this. It’s enthusiastic in such a beautiful way, yet realistic and true to the struggles of such an experience.

Of course, the backdrop of Paris and the countryside of France is a huge appeal for the series as it was filmed on location. It definitely adds to the fun and allure of watching an adorable, fun series as this one.

After watching Emily in Paris, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll likely hop onto job search websites to see if you too can whisk away to Paris, France for a job of a lifetime. But don’t worry, even if you can’t, this series makes you feel like you already have. It’s a part of the show’s experience that makes it stand out more than others. For some reason, it immerses you in this world, letting you forget your reality for just a brief ten episodes (they’re only 20-25 minutes long!).

Get ready to fall in love, folks! This is a cute one.

I give Emily in Paris an A-.