Wolf Like Me: Season 1 – Review

Wolf Life Me premieres January 13 on Peacock.

By Elazar Abrahams

Peacock has asked critics multiple times to not spoil what they refer to as “a big secret” in the new dramedy series Wolf Like Me. “Do not reveal anything about Mary’s (Isla Fisher) secret identity, but OK to allude to there being a big twist,” reads the email sent to members of the press. It’s unclear what the network thinks they are protecting; look at the show’s title, read any synopsis, or watch the trailer. Yes, the premise of this show is exactly what you think. Glad we’re on the same page.

It’s in the execution of that clever premise where Wolf Like Me fails. The six episode series is not intense or gripping enough to succeed as a drama, and it definitely isn’t funny enough to be a good comedy. Ultimately, the show fails at ever finding a tone. Are we supposed to take the events seriously, or view them as shlock? After binging the whole season, I honestly still can’t tell.

I’ve never been a Josh Gad fan, and he’s doing his same shtick here. Those who like him will be satisfied. Isla Fisher is delightfully game for the wildness that comes with her character, but a lackluster script means that even her crazy-eyed charm is darkened by the show’s poor packaging. Additionally, the aforementioned “secret identity” of her character would be greatly aided by us actually getting to see that alter ego on screen. Of course, it’s understandable that a Peacock show may not have the largest budget to blow on intense CGI, but having serious action always happen offscreen cheapens the stakes immensely.

Wolf Like Me is completely skippable.

I give Wolf Like Me a C-.