Inventing Anna – Review

Inventing Anna is available to stream February 11 on Netflix.

By Ariba Bhuvad

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce that everyone’s next guilty pleasure has arrived. Shondaland’s Inventing Anna is the drama we’ve all been waiting for and it lived up to every expectation I had for it.

Executive produced by Shonda Rhimes, Inventing Anna follows the real-life story of Anna Delvey, a woman who took over New York City with one of the biggest cons the world has seen. She portrayed herself as a wealthy German heiress with elaborate plans to begin her own foundation. It’s possible you’ve heard the story of Anna Delvey through the article written by journalist Jessica Pressler who closely followed Anna’s story. She (along with many others) gained a lot of fame because of Anna’s wild story, and that is just some of what Inventing Anna covers in its nine episodes.

From start to finish, I was glued to my television screen because I simply couldn’t get enough of this story. Not only is it wild that there is truth to Anna’s story, but Shondaland does a phenomenal job bringing the story to life. I must credit the cast itself of course because without them Inventing Anna isn’t what it is.

Ozark’s Julia Garner stars as Anna Delvey and does an amazing job at that. I’m not sure how much I dig the accent she had to do but that is a testament to her talents. I think everyone will love to hate Anna, and you can credit Garner for how well she performed it. She’s getting nominated for this come award season (and probably Ozark too)–I’m calling that this now.

Along with Garner, you see many familiar Shondaland faces (and I mean a lot) including Anna Chlumsky, Katie Lowes, Jeff Perry, Terry Kinney, Anna Deavere Smith, amongst others. It’s the who’s who of Shondaland and as fans of many of her shows, it only added to the excitement of it all.

Inventing Anna tells the ridiculously unbelievable (and true) story of Anna Delvey in addicting fashion, and I can promise you won’t be able to look away. I binged all nine episodes and I can only imagine the rest of you will feel the same.

Get ready to be sucked into the world of the elite and rich through the ambitious eyes of Anna Delvey–the woman who dared to dream a bit too big and got caught up in her aspirations. Oh, and stole money from all her friends and somehow fooled all of New York City successfully.

Seriously, you’re in for a wild ride, I promise.

I give Inventing Anna an A.