Chasing Andy Warhol

Chasing Andy Warhol plays multiple performances on Sundays through July 31.

By Elazar Abrahams

One of the most fun theater experiences in New York this summer takes place right in the middle of the street. With its hub in the East Village’s Astor Place, Chasing Andy Warhol takes its audience through city blocks, playing out scenes with the ubiquitous pop artist at the center of the story.

The production is unique in the best way possible. Think walking tour mixed with biopic and you’ll have a sense of what attendees are in for. Chasing Andy plays out on corners, inside shop windows, through video screens, and more. Each stop is a vignette from Warhol’s life, through the lens of a fan pursuing him. While the scenes are fun, they also succeed in pulling back the veneer of celebrity and fame surrounding the tortured genius. For example, instead of a focus on Studio 54 exploits, expect to explore Andy’s troubled childhood, unfaithful partners, overdosing friends, and even an assassination attempt.

If that sounds too heavy, you need not worry. The company does a fantastic job balancing the serious nature of the subjects with absolute whimsy. Without giving away too many of the surprises, the hour and ten minute stroll includes a game of Operation, flowers, basketball, a very well placed banana, and a whole lot of paper mache.

Unfortunately, Chasing Andy Warhol operates at surface level. Those already familiar with the ubiquitous creative will sadly not walk away with learning anything too profound about the man. However, the show is good fun. There’s an undeniable charm to random New Yorkers gawking at the play unfolding in the middle of the road and knowing you’re in on the joke. Grab your sneakers and an iced coffee and brave the summer heat for a great hour and change on the town.

You can find tickets HERE.