Not Okay (2022) – Review

Not Okay will be available to stream on July 29 on Hulu.

By Elazar Abrahams

Danni, a young aspiring writer, accidently lies her way into claiming she’s the victim of a terrorist attack in Paris, leading her to a life of fame, influencer, and lots of Instagram followers. That’s when the lying becomes… not so accidental. Anchored by its stellar cast that’s game for the inherent silliness that comes with lampooning Gen Z, Not Okay is a tightly paced and fun flick.

The script is rather decent, laced with clever barbs and current references. There’s a lot of TikTok talk and meme mumbo jumbo that may go over the heads of older viewers, but for those in the know, these shoutouts provide a lot of laughs. Thematically, the story definitely touches on cancel culture, but doesn’t have much to add to the topic. As Danni’s alibi and falsehoods begin to crack under pressure, the internet turns on her in devastating fashion. What are we supposed to take away from all that? Perhaps nothing; part of Not Okay reads like social commentary but the messaging is mixed. Sometimes the satire is surface level.

As mentioned, the cast is what makes this movie pop. Zoey Deutch is once again at the top of her game, playing a truly unlikable protagonist that you still can’t help but root for. Dylan O’Brien into the tatted and always vaping Colin, the object of Danni’s desires. And newcomer Mia Isaac is fantastic as Rowan, a school shooting survivor who befriends Danni because she thinks they carry similar trauma. Isaacs is great in the role, and it’ll be interesting to see where her career goes from here.

Not Okay is many ways the perfect film to head straight to a streaming service. It’s glossy and heavily stylized to keep your attention, and the movie is even split up into chapters giving you perfect moments to pause if needed. Throw it up on your TV this weekend for a good time.

I give Not Okay a B+.

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