The Gett

The Gett runs through December 11 at the Rattlestick Theater.

By Elazar Abrahams

The Gett is an admirable new play now in performances in the West Village. Titled after a document in Jewish law that finalizes a divorce, the story follows quirky Ida through the ups and downs of several relationships, in a narrative that is slowly revealed to mirror the seven days of creation. The script is lofty and cliche all at once, blending meet cute elevator run-ins with esoteric discussions about Hanukkah. After the brisk 90-minute runtime, you may be unsure if the play was “good” in the traditional sense, but you will certainly have enjoyed yourself.

The vignette structure of the play is anchored by standout performances from all four actors in the cast. Liba Vaynberg as the aforementioned Ida, Ben Edelman as her charming and chiseled ex-husband Baal (a word which literally means “master” or “owner” in Hebrew), Jennifer Westfeldt as her wonderfully neurotic mama, and Luis Vega playing quadruple duty as an assortment of other men, including a Rabbi in the show’s climax.

Playwright Liba Vaynberg has her hands on something really magical here. On a surface level, The Gett is just another story that blends humor and sadness expertly, but those who want to further examine the script will see a carefully constructed metaphor for the Jewish people’s relationship with God. The Gett is a play that will leave you thinking for days to come, pondering meanings and messages. Isn’t that the best kind of art?

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